A successful netbook server – Samsung NC10 2

It works! What you see here is a Samsung NC10 netbook computer running as a media server. I’ve found that despite only having a 1.6Ghz Atom and 1Gb RAM it’s still quite snappy and works perfectly well connected to our home LAN. Previously I’ve used a full size computer as a server, but I’ve found this method to be better. Not only is it fast enough, but also it uses far less power than a normal computer. Obviously if you need to have your server run more processor intensive tasks or you require more storage space than be accessed over USB, you would need an actual computer.


There’s another couple of reasons why I feel this is ideal for my situation, the netbook was given to me as broken (I had two with broken screens) I bought one screen between both of them (as BIOS isn’t accessible via external monitor – required to install an operating system) in order to set one up as a headless server and sell the other one off as a completely working netbook, so the server cost me effectively half the cost of a replacement screen!

The last reason is because I’m currently at university and this October I’ll be off for my second year. I don’t really have a lot of space for a tower server, so a small netbook to stream media to everyone in the house is ideal.

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2 thoughts on “A successful netbook server – Samsung NC10

  • Yeswoody

    Hi, I’ve been trying to do the same with an msi wind but find it struggles streaming HD.. can I ask what OS setup you run/ran on this?

    • Krazerxz Post author

      Do you mean streaming HD or encoding? Encoding live, it won’t be able to manage, but just streaming should only depend on your network bandwitht. If you’ve got the netbook connected wirelessly, that could significantly decrease the bandwidth, ethernet it should work fine.