The making of a Gecko Vivarium – Day 2

Now it’s mid-week, my girlfriend and I have only a few hours a day to work on the gecko vivarium project. What you see below is the polystyrene surface the gecko will be living in (this will be placed inside the wooden cabinet). It has now been covered in watered-down grout and only needs to be painted before it’s done.

Below you can see the progress I’ve made on the wooden unit itself. Since the first day, I’ve added a piece of wood to the front of the cabinet, it’s glued in. This is so the gecko can’t crawl up into the top compartment where the electrics and food will be kept. The fans will be covered by mesh – For obvious reasons.

Today I also put in a light fitting (that you can’t see in this picture) – It’s attached to the underside of the shelf. The top compartment, as I said above will contain the electronics – Fan, thermostat and hydrometer. There is a circular hole at the back of the unit where the cable from the extension cord will run. This will mean the cabinet will only require one socket to power everything, very neat and tidy! But also it will contain everything the gecko will require to live and looked after.

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