R4 DS has arrived

Firstly, sorry about the last couple of days, I’ve been quite busy with various things. As it happens, I got to play with my R4 DS card today. It actually would have arrived last Wednesday, but I was out and so got a red slip through the door, I only had time to go and collect it Friday. And use it, today, Sunday.

When I first started to use it, I found it relatively unexciting, because It doesn’t allow you to do anything new. The most exciting thing I found was that once you take the card out and reboot the DS, it’s just like an official shop-bought one. Unlike the PSP homebrew software, where you have to flash the internal memory to run homebrew applications.

And that’s when I found it more interesting, after a quick google for ‘Best DS Homebrew’. I’m now splitting my time between Crayon Physics and Colours, both of which are quite addictive.

Hotel Giant Running… With the official game card out!

Comparison of the R4 Card with T-Flash / Micro SD card out next to the official Hotel Giant DS game card.

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